Christmas Tree Ornament XMAS Deco Hanging Decor Pendant [Design: Rose Gold Stars (2pc)]

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Deck out your Christmas tree with these stunning tree ornaments, or put it as a finishing touch on a gift.
Comes with satin hanging ribon in matching colours.

Size:Champagne Angel: 12x18cm (4.7x7.1 inches)
Champagne Angel Wing: 14x11cm (5.5x4.3 inches)
Champagne Berry Branch: 4x28cm (1.6x11 inches)
Champagne Cross: 10x14cm (3.9x5.5 inches)
Champagne Eucalyptus Leaf: 9x23cm (3.5x9.1 inches)
Champagne Heart: 21cm (8.3 inches)
Champagne Holly Branch: 8x16cm (3.1x6.3 inches)
Champagne Icicle (3pc): 2x18cm (0.8x7.1 inches)
Champagne Icicle (4pc): 12cm (4.7 inches)
Champagne Snowflake A: 14x15cm (5.5x5.9 inches)
Champagne Snowflake (2pc): 8x10cm (3.1x3.9 inches)
Champagne Snowflake B: 10x24cm (3.9x9.4 inches)
Champagne Snowflake B: 15cm (5.9 inches)
Champagne Star: 8x22cm (3.1x8.7 inches)
Champagne Star Wreath: 14cm (5.5 inches)
Champagne Vintage Train: 7x16cm (2.8x6.3 inches)
Crystal Butterfly: 12x7cm (4.7x2.8 inches)
Crystal Crown: 9.5x11cm (3.7x4.3 inches)
Crystal Dove: 10.5x11cm (4.1x4.3 inches)
Crystal Snowflake: 8.5x10.5cm (3.3x4.1 inches)
Crystal Star w Tassel: 5.5x23.5cm (2.2x9.3 inches)
Crystal Wreath: 10x10cm (3.9x3.9 inches)
Gingerbread House: 6.5x7.5cm (2.6x3 inches)
Gingerbread Snowflake: 6.5x7.5cm (2.6x3 inches)
Glittery Angel: 8x18cm (3.1x7.1 inches)
Glittery Angel Wing: 12x15cm (4.7x5.9 inches)
Glittery Horse Carriage: 11x16cm (4.3x6.3 inches)
Glittery Key A: 7x16cm (2.8x6.3 inches)
Glittery Key B: 7.5x16cm (2.95x6.3 inches)
Glittery Rocking Reindeer: 11x10cm (4.3x3.9 inches)
Glittery Snowflake: 15x15cm (5.9x5.9 inches)
Glittery Wreath:15x15cm (5.9x5.9 inches)
Gold Angel Wing: 8x11cm (3.1x4.3 inches)
Gold Cello: 7x17.5cm (2.8x6.9 inches)
Gold Harp: 8.5x12.5cm (3.3x4.9 inches)
Gold Metal Snowflake: 13x13cm (5.1x5.1 inches)
Iridescent Ballerina: 10x17cm (3.9x6.7 inches)
Iridescent Fairy: 9x16cm (3.5x6.3 inches)
Iridescent Icicle (4pc): 2x14cm (0.8x5.5 inches)
Iridescent Peacock: 14x13.5cm (5.5x5.3 inches)
Iridescent Reindeer: 8.5x9.5cm (3.3x3.7 inches)
Iridescent Reindeer C: 8.5x15cm (3.3x5.9 inches)
Iridescent Snowflake A: 15x16cm (5.9x6.3 inches)
Iridescent Snowflake B: 22x22cm (8.7x8.7 inches)
Iridescent Sleigh: 11.5x7.5cm (4.5x2.9 inches)
Iridescent Star: 13x13cm (5.1x5.1 inches)
Iridescent Star w/ Bow: 8x14cm (3.1x5.5 inches)
Iridescent Tinkerbell: 13x13cm (5.1x5.1 inches)
Iridescent Unicorn: 12x14cm (4.7x5.5 inches)
Pink Angel: 7x16cm (2.8x6.3 inches)
Pink Berry Branch: 4x30cm (1.6x11.8 inches)
Pink Bow: 8.7x7.7cm (3.4x3 inches)
Pink Butterfly: 11x10cm (4.3x3.9 inches)
Pink Carousel: 11x15cm (4.3x5.9 inches)
Pink Crown: 10x9cm (3.9x3.5 inches)
Pink Fern Leaf: 7.5x31cm (3x12.2 inches)
Pink Hanging Vine: 4.5x13cm (1.8x5.1 inches)
Pink Leaf Branch: 14x33cm (5.5x13 inches)
Pink Reindeer A: 8.7x14.5cm (3.4x5.7 inches)
Pink Snowflake A: 10x20cm (3.9x7.9 inches)
Pink Snowflake B: 9x19cm (3.5x7.5 inches)
Pink Snowflake C: 9.5x8.5cm (3.7x3.3 inches)
Rose Gold Bell: 8x24cm (3.1x9.4 inches)
Rose Gold Snowflake (2pc): 10x10cm (3.9x3.9 inches)
Rose Gold Star: 8x24cm (3.1x9.4 inches)
Rose Gold Stars (2pc): 10x10cm (3.9x3.9 inches)
Rose Gold Unicorn: 13x9cm (5.1x3.5 inches)
Silver Angel Wings: 11x14.5cm (4.3x5.7 inches)
Silver Berry Branch: 3x29cm (1.2x11.4 inches)
Silver Eucalyptus Leaf: 6x22cm (2.4x8.7 inches)
Silver Icicle (4pc): 12cm (4.7 inches)
Silver Metal Snowflake: 15x23cm (5.9x9.1 inches)
Silver Peacock: 14x13cm (5.5x5.1 inches)
Silver Snowflake A: 13.5xcm (5.3 inches)
Silver Snowflake B: 11.3xcm (4.4 inches)
Silver Snowflake B: 10x26cm (3.9x10.2 inches)
Silver Water Drop: 16cm (6.3 inches)
White Angel Wing: 8x11cm (3.1x4.3 inches)
White Metal Star: 10x18cm (3.9x7.1 inches)
Wooden Xmas Words: 23x10cm (9.1x3.9 inches)


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